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JEBAO ATO-150 auto top up

by Jebao
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Jebao ATO (auto top up) is a unique, small system with a non-contact digital sensor, which monitors and automates the refilling of evaporated water. The system uses AFS technology for fault protection.

It can be connected to a water refill container and automatically refills water from it when water in the tank/sump is low.

It can be easily used by mounting the sensor at the desired level and installing the pump in the water refill container and turning it on. When the water level in your aquarium or sump is too low, the system tops up the water up to the sensor and then turns off automatically. This process repeats itself every time the water level is too low.

The system even works in complete darkness. There are no moving parts and there is no risk of leakage voltage.

ATO150 is very small and work well in marine and freshwater.