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JEBAO HP12 LED Spotlight (12Wx 1) Submersible

by Jebao

Jebao Submersible Spotlights are designed with quality in mind, ensuring that the products are built to last and function as intended. 

Few things can happen with submersible lights and one of the worst would be leakages. Once water leaks into the casing, current leakages may occur and pose a safety risk to the livestock and people. 
As such, Jebao Spotlights utilize high quality materials in their spotlights to provide a very high quality of waterproofing. 

***Always ensure that your pond's electrical circuits and equipment are properly installed. It is advisable to contact an electrician if you are unsure.

Energy saving (more than 50%)

Model HP-12
Placement Indoor / Outdoor
Power 12w LED
Brightness Replace 50W halogen
Energy Saving 50%