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JEBAO GL1 Series Submersible Spotlight (GL1, GL1-2, GL1-3)

by Jebao
Original price $24.50 - Original price $45.00
Original price
$24.50 - $45.00
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Jebao Submersible Spotlights are designed with quality in mind, ensuring that the products are built to last and function as intended.  Please use GL1 spotlight in water!

Jebao Spotlights utilize high quality materials in their spotlights to provide a very high quality of waterproofing.  All Jebao spotlights runs on 12V low voltage which provide safe operation. It runs on a transformer which is included.

***Always ensure that your pond's electrical circuits and equipment are properly installed. It is advisable to contact an electrician if you are unsure.

  • High quality waterproof housing 
  • 12V low voltage operaton.
  • Great for fountains, ponds, lakes, waterfalls or garden landscapes
  • Under water operation
  • Super long connecting outdoor wires (5metres)
  • Halogen bulb can be replaced easily
  • Different colour plates included to help to recreate the colour you need.

It comes in 3models

Model: GL1 (single)
power: 10w halogen bulb
Transfomer: 1pcs

Model: GL1-2 (double)
power: 10w halogen bulb x 2pcs
Transfomer: 1pcs

Model: GL1-3 (triple)
power: 10w halogen bulb x 3pcs
Transfomer: 1pcs

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