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JEBAO WaveMaker compact (SLW-10M, SLW-20M, SLW-30M)

by Jebao
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  • Jebao SLW wavemakers are compact and have a sleek design. It is one of the smallest wavemaker in the market
  • longer life with no electronic devices inside of the pump
  • big rotation angle to adjust the output water direction
  • one-touch feed mode — slows pump for a period of 10 minutes
  • For marine / freshwater use.
  • compact size and strong. Included components: Pump, Manual, Power Supply

Model: SLW-10M
Voltage: DC 24V
Watts: 10w
Max l/h: 4000
Tank Size: ≤60L
Tank Thickness: ≤8mm

Model: SLW-20M
Voltage: DC 24V
Watts: 20w
Max l/h: 10000
Tank Size: 60-100L
Tank Thickness: ≤12mm

Model: SLW-30M
Voltage: DC 24V
Watts: 30w
Max l/h: 13000
Tank Size: 100-150L
Tank Thickness: ≤15mm

SLW10, SLW20, SLW30