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Jeneca Air Pump - AP 601/602 (Single & Double Outlet Models)

by Jeneca
Original price $7.80 - Original price $9.80
Original price
$7.80 - $9.80
Current price $7.80

The Jeneca AP 601 & 602 air pumps are designed to be low decibel air pumps.
At the same time, their compact design makes them ideal for table top nano tanks, or for compact shelf/cabinet setups. So small that it can fit in your pocket!
***Available in white only.
***available in single and dual air tube outlets.

Flow Rate: 3L/Min
Wattage: 2w
Air Tube Outlets: 1
Operable by Battery: No

Flow Rate: 2 x 3L/Min
Wattage: 4w
Air Tube Outlets: 2
Operable by Battery: No