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JENECA AS-615A Battery Gravel Cleaner (Sand cleaner for Fish Tank)

by Jeneca

Jeneca Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner, have multiple functions such as cleaning the sand of the aquarium, aquarium wall, change water. The upgrade outlet head, convenient to clear the dirt of the aquarium corner. With two specifications flexible siphon pipe, is an ideal partner to various aquariums.


  • Innovative electric pumping, no mouth suction, hygienic and safe.
  • Multiple functions: water changing, sand washing, filtration, cleaning, decontamination.
  • AC and DC dual-purpose plug-in, battery start possible.


Model: AS-615A
Battery: 1.5V battery
Product size: 80X55X950mm
Length: 58CM-95CM (expandable)
Flow: 520L/H
Weight: 0.35KG

1. This product is easy to install and operate.
2. Use NO.2(AA) battery, very safe
3. Press the power switch, the product will move to the desired position, and can easily suck up fish excrement and dust in the aquarium.
4.lf power converter must be equipped with this product special adapter.
5. Flow rate 520L/H.
6. Can be used as a water siphon, sucking up water from the aquarium. Use a flexible structure suitable for aquariums of various sizes.
7. Low water operation: The starting water level should be at least 3 cm before starting, and the operation can be pumped down to the last 1 cm of the water level.



1. During use, please soak the starting water level line in water before it can be pumped. If the water can be pumped normally, there is no need to submerge the starting water level line.

2. The fish tank is less than 1 meter and the water level is in the range of 30-75cm. If the water level is higher or lower than the appropriate level, please contact customer service for advice.

3. When designing the electric sand washer, we considered user convenience for disassembly and cleaning. The position of the impeller cover is not sealed, and there may be some water leakage during use. Dear buyers, beware.

4. The installed water siphon, nose and outlet must be submerged in water, then start the switch! When the water outlet draws water, lift the gravel cleaner and place the head and outlet above the water.