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JUN Master Soil - Black Super Powder (3L)

by JUN
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Master Soil is a Japanese active substrate intended for planted tanks. It has higher nitrogen and iron level than most standard soil, which will support intense planting. 

Why Master soil ?

  • water crystallizes very quickly, super clear water!
  • the substrate quickly removes the color of the wood resulting from the roots placed in the tank
  • lowers and stabilizes the pH, GH and KH parameters
  • porous structure ideal for the development of nitrifying bacteria
  • superior high nutrient content for aquatic plants. You will see the differences !
  • long service life of the substrate 

Master Soil has more plant nutrients (mainly fulvic and humic acids as well as minerals) and naturally regulates the parameters of the water in the aquarium by lowering the value of the pH, GH and KH parameters. 

Other than planting, Master Soil substrate can also be used for the breeding of ornamental shrimp and tropical fish. The active substrate Master Soil is manufactured in Japan using the latest technology of multi-stage surface sintering. As a result, the Master Soil substrate has excellent absorption properties, very high porosity, which prevents the formation of anaerobic zones and accelerates the colonization of Master Soil granules with large colonies of bacteria that quickly decompose "ammonia" (NH4 +) and nitrite (NO2). As a result, the time between water changes is significantly longer.

How much of master soil ?

45cm water tank (about 35L): 6-8L
60cm water tank (about 57L):8-11L
90cm water tank (about 157L): 24-32L

Grain size:Super powder (1.0mm-2.0mm)

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