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JUN Modeling Soil 1L (for Terrariums & Kokedama)

by JUN

Special moisture soil which had a sticky
You can easily plant moss and plants just by placing it on the glass wall of the aquarium or between driftwood and rocks.
Also It is also possible to make moss balls
Because it contains plant nutrients in natural materials. You can grow plants for a long time just by moisturizing with a spray bottle.

  • Special moisturizing soil with just the right amount of water
  • You can also easily make moss balls by simply rolling them up
  • The nutrients of plants are infused with natural ingredients, so you can grow plants for a long period of time by simply moisturizing them with a mist or other similar product.
  • Depending on your idea such as reptile layout, this product can be used in a small aquarium for a variety of purposes.
  • simply insert this soil into the glass wall of your aquarium, between driftwood and rocks and you can easily plant moss and plants.
  • Product size : W130×D70×H260

Guidance (How to use) " Modeling Soil "

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