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There will be delay in your delivery date due to high volume of delivery.
There will be delay in your delivery date due to high volume of delivery.

JUWEL Eccoflow Parts (Impeller / Ceramic Shaft / Sealing Rings)

by Juwel
SKU JUW85092

EccoFlow Impeller (300/600/1000)
The compatible impeller for Juwel Eccoflow circulating pumps. Regular replacement ensure optimum running smoothness and maximum flow rate of your Eccoflow pump.

Maintenance of the pump JUWEL Eccoflow in the filter system Bioflow Super M, L, XL
The JUWEL Eccoflow pump should be checked with regard to functionality and cleaned at regular intervals (at least once a month).
Please proceed as follows to this end:

  1. Disconnect all electrical devices that are operated in the water from the power grid.
  2. Remove the outlets.
  3. Remove the pump from the pump retainer of the filter.
  4. Disconnect the adapter (A) from the motor by turning it counter-clockwise and remove the impeller from the chamber.
  5. Now clean all components thoroughly. Deposits and dirt should in particular be removed from the pump chamber, the impeller and pump shaft. Otherwise the functionality of the pump will be impaired.
  6. Check the impeller for damage and possible signs of wear of the magnet. You should also ensure that the two rubber bearings are located on the ends of the pump shaft.

After that, please reinstall the pump in reverse order in the filter.


EccoFlow Replacement Ceramic Shaft (500/600/1000)
Eccoflow ceramic axles are ideal for use in a saltwater aquarium and ensure optimum running smoothness in your pump. Scope of delivery: two axles with four rubber mounting brackets


Eccoflow Sealing Rings 
Replacement sealing rings for all JUWEL Eccoflow pumps.
For noise-free operation and a secure hold within the Bioflow filter system.