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There will be delay in your delivery date due to high volume of delivery.
There will be delay in your delivery date due to high volume of delivery.

JUWEL MultiLux LED Light (Various Size)

by Juwel
SKU JUW46505

Light fit for aquarium

MultiLux LED 55 - 46505 - Trigon 350

MultiLux LED 60 - 46506 - Lido 120

MultiLux LED 70 - 46507 - Trigon 190, Lido 200

MultiLux LED 80 - 46508 - Rio 125

MultiLux LED 92 - 46509 - Vision 180

MultiLux LED 100 - 46510 - Rio 180, Trigon 350

MultiLux LED 120 - 46512 - Rio 240, Rio 300 / 350, Vision 260

MultiLux LED 150 - 46515 - Rio 400 / 450, Vision 450

MultiLux LED

The MultiLux LED is a high-performance, energy-saving LED light unit for your JUWEL aquarium. The replaceable DAY and NATURE LED tubes create an optimum light spectrum for plants and fish, while saving up to 50 % of energy in comparison to T5 light units at the same time.


Up to 50% energy saving in comparison to T5 fluorescent tubes, due to energy-saving LED DAY and NATURE lighting media.


The DAY and NATURE LED tubes, which are installed in the factory, ensure a broad light spectrum, promote plant growth and emphasise the colours in their underwater world.


Replaceable real glass LED lighting media enable the simple replacement of the LED lighting media.


The high-tech membrane within the Multilux LED prevents moisture penetration and promotes controlled air exchange.


Compatible with all JUWEL aquariums with a permanently-installed top frame. Such as RIO, LIDO, VISION and TRIGON.