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KINGRATE Submersible UV-C lamp J series (48-109cm) (15W - 40W)


Highly effective submersible UV-C sterilizing lamp.

1. Highly effective to remove algae and bacteria.
2. Improve water quality and water clarity
3. Important addition to pond or water that receive a lot of sunlight.
4. Aids in algae control without constant addition of algicide.  
5. Highly popular with koi pond, garden pond, aquaculture, water treatment.

Why kingrate UV ?
1. The high purity quartz glass tube is adopted and treated with special technology, 
which further reduces the impurity content and makes the efficiency of lamp tube more stable.
2. Advance technology enables our lamp with high initial UV radiation and low UV light decay.
3. Waterproof design with transformer integrated into lamp.
4. Design for long term outdoor usage
5. 3m outdoor wire for easy usage.

We recommend to switch on the UV-C sterilizer for 24hours and change to new lamp after 6-8months. Please do not view the UV-C light or place in UV-C lamp into the main pond, as it extremely harmful to human and fishes. It should be place in the filter compartment and covered. If you are unsure, please give us our sales rep a call. 

Model: J15W
Power: 15W of UV power
Length: 48cm
Disinfection volume: 1500L
Outdoor use: Yes
Indoor use: Yes
Integrated transformer: Yes

Model: J20W
Power: 20W of UV power
Length: 78cm
Disinfection volume: 2000L
Outdoor use: Yes
Indoor use: Yes
Integrated transformer: Yes

Model: J30W
Power: 30W of UV power
Length: 87cm
Disinfection volume: 3000L
Outdoor use: Yes
Indoor use: Yes
Integrated transformer: Yes

Model: J40W
Power: 40W of UV power
Length: 109cm
Disinfection volume: 4000L
Outdoor use: Yes
Indoor use: Yes
Integrated transformer: Yes

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