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NEO Plants Tab K

by NEO
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Aquario's neo Plants Tab is a ground fertilizer. After it is put into the ground, it directly takes effect at the roots of the plants. Some plant species greatly benefit from that like cryptocoryne but also other species will grow lusher. As neo Plants Tab is available in different variations, the right ground-fertilizer for every aquarium and situation can be found.

Neo Plants Tab K is an chemical fertilizer that promotes photosynthesis inside the tank. It supplies the aquarium ground with the important macro-nutrients and counters potassium deficiency. Especially shade aquatic plants benefit from this fertilizer but also ugly holes in the leaves are prevented.


  • Fertilizer tabs for the aquarium ground
  • Chemical fertilizer
  • Counters potassium deficiency
  • Not safe for shrimp breeding aquariums


  • For ground aquatic plants: 5cm spacing
  • For large rooted aquatic plants: one per root
  • Lasts about 2 months



Promotion of photosynthesis.

Perfect for: when pinholes in aquarium plant leaves are observed.