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Niteangel Aspen Bedding (2.6kg) Shredded Cut

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  ***This is a thinner cut aspen shavings, please refer to photos for grain sizing.

Beddings for Syrian Dwarf Hamster. Gerbil. Mice. Degu. Rat. Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Chinchilla, Hedgehog or other Small Pets.


  • [Soft Texture & More Comfortable] The soft fluffy texture allows your critters to play freely on the aspen shavings bedding. The small pet bedding is not only good at absorbing the annoying smell of the cage, but also gives the hamster a natural and comfortable habitat.
  • [Perfect Critter Bedding And Digging ]Let your little pet create an original ecological hideout of its own. What's more, Each piece of wood wool supports each other and is not easy to collapse. The small animal bedding encourages your furry friends to dig and build a tunnel system.
  • [Strong Absorption & Easy Clean] The aspen bedding can help absorb annoying smells and soak up moisture really well. They have strong water absorption. If your pet has a designated spot he or she prefers to do their business, you can scoop that spot and refill that area easily.
  • [NO Dust & Keep Well-Being] The small animal aspen bedding is not dusty. You can confidently put your pets on the aspen bedding in the cage without worrying about respiratory issues. Its smell is natural and no color added, even if furry friends as chewing toys will not cauSmall Animalsse danger. 
  • [Perfect Gift for Many Pets] The small pet aspen bedding is suitable for Syrian, dwarf hamsters, chinchilla, rabbit, bird, gerbils, guinea pig, Mice, Lemming, Degus or other small-sized pets that love to live in a wonderful hideout without annoying smells. It is also a lovely gift for you to build your own splendid hamster palace.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to Build the Perfect Hamster Hideout?

A: Pet experts think that matching the necessary small pet Hideout can help hamster's well-being.

  1. The thick layer of bedding on the bottom layer, such as paper pellets bedding, wood shavings. Strong water absorption material can make the hamster more comfortable.
  2. The middle layer is covered with digging mix, wood chips or paper particles, which can provide support for the hamsters to make holes. Make the hamster Hideout beautiful and textured.
  3. The four corners are sprinkled with highly absorbent moss bedding, wood particles or paper particles to absorb annoying smell and make the whole cage more dry and refreshing.
  4. The surface Layer are sprinkled with a paper pellets bedding, coco bedding, Aspen bedding, or flowers. Pair with other Niteangel hamster bedding for the perfect hamster habitat.


Q: Will the hamster Aspen bedding fade and affect the well-being of small pets?

A: Please use the Niteangel hamster Aspen bedding with complete confidence. no fragrance or color added, If your furry friend is very sensitive to smells, or you're looking for soft bedding, it's a good choice for you.


Q: Are the Niteangel small animal bedding suitable for my furry friend?

A: Our small animal bedding is natural material with low dust. It is also naturally absorbent. It is the choice of many small animals for digging and playing. It is suitable for for guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, mices, degus , Chinchilla and other small pets.