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There will be delay in your delivery date due to high volume of delivery.
There will be delay in your delivery date due to high volume of delivery.

ORCA LABS Nitra-Guard BIO-Cubes Original (250ml - 5L) Long Term Nitrate Reduction


Nitra-Guard Bio-Cubes Original

  • More economical & effective than any other product of it's kind
  • Helps control algae
  • Reduces 50ppm Nitrate to 0ppm within 1 to 2 weeks in Freshwater, Seawater and Brackish water
  • Easy & convenient use, no daily feedings or dosings, just add as directed and enjoy 4 to 6 months Nitrate free water
  • Does not contain toxic ethanol which is commonly used in liquid nitrate removers
  • No more Fluidize Media Reactors or Deep Sand Bed Filters required which saves space, time and Money
  • 100% natural, biological Nitrate removal, no chemicals or metals like iron or aluminium
  • No effect on pH or alkalinity
  • MASSIVELY Reduces Water Changes

Bio-Cubes are made from 100% biologically degradable polymers that effectively remove nitrates from both marine and freshwater systems.

Bio-Cubes have a very high surface area and contains 400% more carbohydrates than any other brand, making it the best product of it’s kind in the world. Bacteria consume the high carbohydrate source found in the Bio-Cubes and form a biomass that absorbs nitrates from the water in the aquarium. This biomass is then skimmed out with a protein skimmer or is consumed as a food source by corals and clams.

BIO-Cubes are very versatile and can be used in filter bags, fluidized reactors and denitrators. BIO-Cubes require no maintenance and require no feeding dosages making it the easiest and most convenient nitrate removing product on the market. Nitra-Guard BIO-Cubes comes with a free filter bag with every jar.

500 ml treats up to 174 gallons depending on Nitrate Levels.


Directions for Use:
The amount required will depend on stocking densities and amount of Nitrate in the aquarium. If Phosphate levels are very low (less than 2% of total Nitrate) use Nitra-Guard BIO-Cubes TITANIUM instead.

Below 15ppm NO3: 0.75ml p/L water
15ppm - 30ppm NO3: 1.5ml p/L water
30ppm - 60ppm NO3: 2.5ml p/L water
Above 60ppm NO3: 3.4ml p/L water

Nitra-Guard Bio-Cubes Original