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NOMOYPET NC-23 3 in 1 Substrate


Nomoypet Hibernation Substrate. 
Made for tortoises entering their hibernation state. The substrate is mixed to encourage better drainage. This is to prevent a buildup of too much moisture under the belly of the tortoise, if this happens, the health/skin of the tortoise may be affected. 

In addition, a well drained substrate keeps the roots of the plants airy and healthy. Preventing diseased plants, and in the substrate. 


About NomoyPet

Jiaxing Nomoy Pet Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. NomoyPets is invested in, and manages the design,  research and development, and production sales of various pet products. This has lead to NomoyPets establishing itself as one of the biggest reptile pet equipment manufacturers in China. 

At present, NomoyPets has long-term stable cooperative relations globally bringing its products to Italy, France, Germany, the United States and other European countries. In Asia, It has anchor itself as one of the core pet product manufacturer in Japan, Korea, Thailand.