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OASE PondPads 10l (moving bed media)

SKU OAS73373

Oase Pond Pads used within a moving bed system provide a maintenance-free, self-cleaning filter medium. The Oase Pond Pads will achieve a neutral floating behaviour after approx. 6-10 week run-in time depending on water temperature and load.

  • High-performance bio filter medium with innovative pore and surface structure. (Approx. 5000m² per m³, one of the highest in the market)
  • Biological filtration by colonies of beneficial bacteria remove toxic ammonia, ammonium and nitrites
  • PondPads provide the perfect substrate for bacteria in the ProfiClear Compact Moving Bed Module
  • Massive surface area of PondPads breaks down almost four times as much waste per unit volume as Hel-x 13 bio-media
  • 10L of media breaks down approx 150g of food in 24hrs.

    Technical Data: 
  • Net weight: 1.40kg / 10L