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OASE Schaumsprudler 35 - 10 E (fountain head)

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SKU OAS50984
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The lively bubbling water pattern generated by the foam effect nozzles is the optimal accessory for watercourse inlets, stepped pool installations or fountain installations with a water reservoir at a lower level.
By mixing air with water, the pattern appears
to be extremely high-volume. Nevertheless the
nozzles actually have a low water requirement.
The beautiful soft foam jet offers a strong contrast to its environment.
As opposed to Cascade and Geyser nozzles, Schaumsprudler nozzles work independently of the water
level so that fluctuations in the water level do not
affect the water pattern.
Product characteristics at a glance
  • High-contrast, lively water pattern
  • Foam / spume effect
  • Trouble-free continuous operation
  • Offers oxygen enrichment
  • Extensively wind-stable
  • Water-level independent

Technical Data
Dimensions (√ė x H) mm 80 x 160
Material Stainless steel / POM
Net weight kg 0.44