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ORGANIX Micro Colour Granulate (150/250 ml)

by Oase
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The ORGANIX Micro Colour Granulate from Oase provides a variety of natural ingredients for particularly healthy and dazzling colours of the fish. The micro granulate initially floats and then quickly sinks to the bottom. It is therefore also suitable for smaller and timid fish or territorial shrimp species. The pigment components and natural carotenoids are optimally utilised by the fish. This ensures a plus in health, splendid colours and increased swimming pleasure. The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) confirms the particularly careful and sustainable treatment of nature and its resources, as this luxury treat contains Arctic shrimps, salmon and kelp from unpolluted waters. Due to a particularly slow swelling behaviour, the aquarium water is not polluted.

  • Sustainably caught and harvested off the coast of Alaska
  • Without attractants
  • For small fish
  • Optimal protein-fat ratio
  • Free from antibiotics
  • Does not pollute the aquarium water
  • MSC - Certified
  • Highest quality through the best ingredients and gentle preparation


Feed 1-2 times daily

Nutritional Analysis:
Raw protein 37%; raw fat 12%; raw fibre 1%; raw ash 9%. Ingredients: Whole salmon, wheat germ, wheat flour, whole shrimp, whole herring, kelp, wheat gluten. Additives: Nutritional additives (per 1,000 g): Vitamin A (3a672a) 14.000 IE, vitamin C (3a312) 800 mg, vitamin E (3a700) 680 mg, niacin (3a314) 100 mg, inositol (3a900) 100 mg, vitamin B2 (3a825i) 20 mg, vitamin B12 50 μg. Sensory additives (per 1,000 g): Astaxanthin (2a161j) 65 mg

Complete daily diet
Staple flake food for community aquariums 
Sustainably harvested ingredients
No artificial additives
Optimal protein-fat ratio
MSC certified for well-managed and sustainable fishery


About OASE

Founded in 1949, the traditional German company Oase from Hörstel in Germany is passionate about developing and selling professional equipment for all aspects of water. Filters, pumps, water conditioners, complete aquariums as well as fish food and accessories for aquaristics are part of the product range. With the biOrb product line, decorative and technically advanced all-in-one terrariums including accessories are also part of the portfolio. In addition, Oase is very successful worldwide in the garden, pond and waterworks sectors and, with Oase Professional, also offers solutions for hydraulic engineering, fountain technology and pond management.