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Otocinclus Catfish


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The Otocinclus Catfish is a great addition to a peaceful planted tank and a small school of them can form a great algae cleanup crew. These catfish like to hang out under and on aquarium plant leaves as well as sucking on the tank glass. However, they can be a little reclusive at times and providing places to hide will help make them feel secure. Because they can be quite shy it's a good idea to avoid keeping them with overly aggressive tank mates or other fish large enough to eat them.


Common Name Otto, Oto Cat, Dwarf Sucking Catfish, Midget Sucker Fish
Scientific Name Otocinclus sp
Care Level Easy
Maximum Size 5 cm
pH 6 - 7.5
Temperature 21¬įC - 26¬įC
Life Span 3 - 5 years
Behaviour Very peaceful
Tank Region Mostly middle to top
Gender The male is usually smaller than a female of the same age

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1. Set live stock aside with transportation bag in room temperature place for 30 minutes.
2. Then transfer bag to float in aquarium for another 30 minutes
3. Use a fish net to transfer the live stock by scooping it from the bag into the tank.

NOTE: Do not release live stocks together with the transportation water into tank.