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POWER HOUSE MonoBall (500ml/3L)


Easily create water through biofiltration, just like pros and enthusiasts. Incredibly easy to use.

Creating proper water is the basic point in aquariums. Good water is created by microbial activity in the water, and both fish and waterweed thrive in water with good microbial balance. However, creating good aquarium water is a "complicated world," requiring experience and skill, which is, in general, difficult obstacle for beginners. Power House MonoBall was developed to make it possible even for beginners to easily create an environment for biofiltration and provides high performance in all types of filters.

MonoBall has been redesigned to increase the effective area for microbe settling by 17% over the previous product. Suited for all types of filters

Power House MonoBall is particularity suited for use in hood filters due to their form even though it can be used in all types of filters, bringing out this type of filter's maximum performance. It is also good for setting up water with an external filter fitted with multiple compartments, and it enables high-performance filtering over long periods.

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