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Powerhouse Filter Media: Soft Type S (prevent pH increase)

Power House Soft S Size
Surface area for microbial settlement: 1,620m2/â„“
Prevent pH increase controlling type
S size has the top filtering performance of all the series. 
Superior surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow.
Function: Prevent pH increase 
The main component of the Power House Soft Type is kaolinite-based activated silica. When the pH of water rises, the hydroxyl ion (OH-) level in the water increases. The nature of activated silica is such that it takes in OH- and at the same time separates and releases hydrogen ions (H+), thereby controlling the pH level from rising. That is, the rise in the pH value is controlled by releasing H+ in place of taking in OH-, not by constantly emitting an acidic substance.
By doing this, even when the amount used was above the recommended amount to use, the product maintains a safe and optimized aquarium environment without rendering the water too acidic.
Powerhouse products offers high pH control capability and have vast amounts of surface area. Thus even small amounts of these products can conduct biofiltration.
* The ion controlling function starts to deteriorate after 1-1.5 years depending on condition.

Increasing the filter size and amount of filter media used, the filtering power can be increased proportionately. Amount of filtering media does not significantly affect pH change.

Made in Japan, power house