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QANVEE DF-150 USB Air Pump (Silent Operation)


QANVEE DF-150 USB Air Pump the epitome of portable and silent air pumps!

Small, compact and portable
Easily connected to a power source
Silent operation 
Modern, clean and sleek design 
USB plug included

Be it for use with a nano aquarium, to transport fishes, or for a distant fishing trip. The QANVEE DF-150 is perfect for your needs!
Simple plug in the USB cable to a USB charging head or a power bank storage and it is ready to go!

We find it great for use with our office desk nano tank, to power a QANVEE QS100 Bio Sponge Filter. Ultra silent & compact!


Dimensions: 75 x 53 x 43mm
Power Output: 1.5w
Pressure: 15Kpa
Max Flow: 1.0L per min
Number of Tube Outlets: 1
Cable Length" 120cm