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QANVEE MK-3 Tank brush cleaner

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QANVEE MK-3 fish tank multi-function brush, easy to clean up algae and smudge for small tank size. Can be used on both glass and acrylic aquariums, can wipe the edges and corners, clean the tank aquascape



  • Designed specifically for small fish tanks
  • Compact and aesthetically pleasing design
  • Unique triangular brush handle with excellent handling and practicality not easy to slip
  • The main brush is arranged in a raised and slender elastic nylon thread with a small volume and a large and thorough cleaning area
  • Soft felt cloth on the back gently cleans stains and algae on the cylinder wall
  • The nylon brushes arranged diagonally can effectively clean the bottom of the fish tank and create scenery
  • Recommend the use of a small fish tank with a size of around 15-30cm



  • Measurement : 3x3x30cm
  • Weight: 39g