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ROXIN RX-D180/300/400/600 Submersible Light Colourful (18-60cm)

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Original price
$12.00 - $14.00
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 Multi colour,thin tube, underwater or above water use

Multi colour led with different mode. 
1) full mode - all the colour
2) White / blue mode
3) colourful mode
Take note: each mode can be change by a press of a button. If the switch is on and off, it will change the colour mode.

18.5mm diameter 

ROXIN RX-D180 submersible light colourful 18cm lenght
ROXIN RX-D300 submersible light colourful 30cm lenght
ROXIN RX-D400 submersible light colourful 40cm lenght
ROXIN RX-D600 submersible light colourful 60cm lenght