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There will be delay in your delivery date due to high volume of delivery.
There will be delay in your delivery date due to high volume of delivery.

SALIFERT Carbon Dioxide Test kit for freshwater (Co2)

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Carbon dioxide is essential for optimal plant growth. Under normal conditions, aquarium water contains insufficient CO2 levels to allow plants to grow optimally.

However, it is important to keep the level of CO2 in check as increase in CO2 leads to a decrease in the pH value and in severe cases, life stocks may be deprived of oxygen. Therefore it is necessary to monitor it regularly and intervene before lost of life stock occurs. 

SALIFERT Carbon Dioxide (CO2 ) Profi Test for the freshwater aquarium, provides fast and accurate results when used to test your water parameters.


  • Add 5ml of aquarium water in to the test vial.
  • Add 4 drops of the co2-1 regent to the vial.
  • Add CO2-2 by the droplets, into the vial. Swirl gently after in drop, and count the number of droplets till the color of the solution changes.

Freshwater Aquariums should have a total ammonia value of less than 0.25/L.


Keep out of the reach of children! Only for aquarium hobby use.
The use of protective gloves and eye protection is recommended.
Please read the instructions carefully before using the product. 


Salifert is a Netherlands base company that produces top of the line test kits as well as tank additives and foods for marine and reef aquariums.
Salifert is well established and popular with hobbyist for their accurate and affordable test kits.