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SANYU Turtle Stick - 39/100/210/450g

by Sanyu
Sanyu Turtle Sticks is a complete and balanced nutritional staple food for all turtles and aquatic amphibians. 

It contains high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals to promote growth, encourage a stronger shell structure and boost overall health to be resistant against diseases. 
- Enriched with proteins, vitamins and minerals
- Encourages growth and a stronger shell structure
- Enhances resistances against diseases.

White fish meal, wheat flour, corn meal, yeasts, enzyme, calcium, magnesium, biotin, vitamin A,C,E and other trace elements.

Crude protein....35%
Crude fat.....4%
Crude fibre....3%

Feeding Guidelines:
Feed daily as much as your turtle will consume within 10-15 minutes. always remove any excess food left over after feeding period. Occasionally feed turtle with insects, vegetables such as carrot slices, lettuce leaves or parsley.