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SHIRUBA XB303 External Canister Filter (Compact & Powerful External Filter For Nano Tank)

by Shiruba
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$77.50 - $77.50
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***Made In Taiwan***

The Shiruba XB 303 & 305 external filters are the perfect introduction to the world of canister filters. Value for money, simple to setup and operate while being compact, reliable and extremely effective. 
Suitable for all levels of expertise, and all types of freshwater aquarium systems. 

Shiruba XB303 differs from the XB305 mainly in flow rate, filtration media capacity and bioload filtration capacity. Please purchase according to your tank size and aquarium bioload.

***Manufacturer warranty of 6 months.***


Power supply:220-240V/50Hz
Power Rating:5.6W
Max Flow Rate:360 L/h
Media Tray Capacity:1 L
Max Lift Height:70cm
Hose Adaptor Size:12/16mm
Dimensions:207 × 122 × 182mm
Suitable for Tank Size:60cm width and below


  • Powerful and compact external Filter
  • Attachable on tank rim (HOB) or placed on table.
  • Large filter capacity, with multiple filter trays.
  • Separate inlet & outlet design allows water to flow in a single direction for optimized filtering effect..
  • Switchable between outlet nozzle or rain bar
  • Made from tough and durable materials.
  • Easy to set up and maintain.
  • Special U-type and L-type soft tubes accessories. 
  • Uses ø 12/16mm soft tubes

***Replaceable filter sponges/activated carbon pads & cartridges can be purchase here.