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FROK Spare Parts - FK, A1, T1, T1M transformer

by Frok
Spare Transformers for the following FROK Submersible LED Lights
  • (Multi) Transformer 40W (all sizes)
  • Transformer for ( BLUE ) lamp (all sizes)
  • Transformer for ( RED ) lamp (all sizes)


Spare Transformers for the following FROK A1 LED Lights
  • A1 (Nature) 40w Transformer¬†¬†- 4ft and below
  • A1 (Nature) 80w Transformer¬†- 5ft / 6ft
  • A1 (Control) Transformer 40W - 4ft and below
  • A1 (Control) Transformer 80W¬† - 5ft / 6ft


Spare Transformers for the following FROK T1 LED Lights
  • T1¬†Transformer¬†¬†-¬†90 / 120cm