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SUDO Manfanshi Coarse Sand - Water Stabilizing Properties(1kg)

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Small grain sand with excellent mineral composition that gives off important minerals.
It stabilizes the water quality which will promote better fish health.
The porous shape of the sand is suitable for the growth of bacteria and filters the dirty.
It can promote and improve water environment to allow for fish breeding

Source of Substrate:
SUDO Manfanshi substrates are made from the famous Fujian Maifan Stone.
Maifan stones from PingHai, Fujian are known to be used throughout the ages, as water treating media.
It has also been extensively tested by various laboratories for various purposes.

***Not suitable for setups with bottom feeders such as cories and plecos, due to the rough texture of the coarse grains.

S1110 - 1kg
S1115 - 5kg