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SUNSUN AQ-810 WiFi Camera

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Heading out on a long holiday? Unsure if your fishes are doing well? 
Or perhaps like us, you just want to have your precious fishes kept in view because you love them so! 

SUNSUN AQ-810 WiFi Camera allows you to do just that! Equipped with a wide angle and a 1080 high definition camera, you will be able to view your fishes in super high clarity! 

The app makes video transfers and the controlling of the camera a breeze as well. 
Downloadable for iOS & Android!

  • 120 Degrees Wide Angle
  • 1080 High Definition, high clarity camera 
  • On-board SD Card storage
  • Available to download from Android Play Store & on iOS
  • Strong suction pads allows for firm and sturdy positioning on aquarium or windows
  • Intuitive user interface allow for fast and convenient transfer of video files between devices



Model : AQ-810
Voltage : 240V
Frequency : 60Hz
Angle : 120 degrees wide
Clarity : 1080 High definition 
Connectivity : Via App