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SUNSUN AX-2205 Electric Siphon / Gravel Cleaner


The AX-2205 Electric Siphon / Gravel Cleaner is perfect for those who wish to regularly siphon detritus without conducting a water change at the same time. Especially in the case of a quarantine tank or such, where the water has been treated with medication. 

This is achieve by an electric power head which draws the water up through the siphon pipe, and returns it directly into the tank. 
Rate of flow for the AX-2205 (22w) is strong and therefore suggested to be used in much larger tanks.

It is also advised to "dust" the substrate should you wish to used it in a carpeted tank. This helps stir up the detritus for siphoning, without the greater risk of the siphon uprooting the plants.


Model: AX-2205
Power (w): 22w
Max Lift Height: 1.9m
Flow Rate: 1300 L per Hr
Cable Length 5 meters


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