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SUNSUN CFF-106 Automated Outdoor Feeder (For Ponds)

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SUNSUN CFF-106 Pond food timer

Size : 37 x 31 x 40cm (L x W x H)

Fish food particle size: 3-10mm

Barrel capacity: 6L

Battery capacity: 2200mA


  • View feed condition & amount without lifting the lid
  • Firmly secured lid prevents pests from accessing the feed
  • Ground Stakes prevents tipping over.
  • Prevent over feeding by splitting meals up to 6 portions daily
  • Rechargeable Batteries ensure continued operation during power shortages


Programming Instructions,

  1. Set Button : Short presses to switch over and program different settings.
  2. Current Time : Short press to program.
  3. Feed Dispensing Time : Displays the feed dispensing timing
  4. Feed Dispensing Duration : Displays feed dispensing duration (Between 1-20 secs)
  5. Daily Feed Frequency : Programmable to dispense up to 6 times daily.
  6. Manual Feed Dispensing : Press and hold for 3 seconds to activate. Feed will dispense for 3 seconds.