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SUNSUN CPF-15000 / CPF-20000 Pond filter

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SUNSUN CPF-15000 Pond Filter

• New pond filter generation: Bio pressure pond filter CPF-15000
• Indicator for pollution
• High flow rate
• Optimum development of biological pond filter
• Easy and uncomplicated bio-pressure pond filter-system
• This system provides quickly and reliably for clear water
• Different filter materials (special filter foams)

CPF - 15000 Pond Filter Specifications:

  • Power of UV-C: 18W
  • Max flow: 10000L/H
  • Outlet, inlet hose adaptor: 20/25/32/38mm
  • Suitable for ponds with fish: 10000L
  • Suitable for decorative ponds: 30000L
  • Actual volume: 38L
  • Dimension: 380x380x730mm


SUNSUN CPF - 20000 Pond filter

    • Easy maintenance via integrated cleaning function in the top cover
    • Ideal combination of filter and UVC technology
    • Integrated contamination indicator
    • Cleaning equipment for quick and effective cleaning
    • Easy and uncomplicated bio-pressure pond filter system


    CPF - 20000 Pond Filter Specifications:

    • Power of UV-C: 36W
    • Max flow: 12000L/H
    • Outlet, inlet hose adaptor: 32/38/50mm
    • Suitable for ponds with fish: 20000L
    • Suitable for decorative ponds: 40000L
    • Actual volume: 50L
    • Dimension: 450x450x550mm

    For smaller model, refer to CPF5000, CPF10000