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SUNSUN GW-25B Heater (Low Water Level Heater)

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Dual Use Heater
Not only is it an efficient heater, it is also a fantastic resting spot for your terrapins! The Sunsun GW25B heater doubles up as a secure resting platform as it doesnt budge when our terrapins compete for the best spot. 

Long Cable Length
1.2m long cable allows for connecting the unit to wall sockets that are further away. This enhances it convenience of use.

Perforated Protective Caging,
allows our terrapins to rest on the heater for warmth, while not getting burnt or scalded.

Suction Cups,
as feet, allows the heater to be firmly secured in placed. Eliminates the need to constantly fit it back in place. Ensures unit stays in place even as the terrapins crawl and push against it!


  • Model : GW-25B
  • Wattage : 25w
  • Dimensions : 65 x 105mm
  • Cable Length : 1.2m
  • Voltage : 240v
  • Frequency : 60hertz
  • Temp Range : 18-35 Degrees Celsius 


Warning Indicators

  • E1 - Water level is too low, or the heating unit is out of water. 
  • E2 - Water temperature has exceeded 35 Degree Celsius and will auto shut down.
  • Red LED blinking - Water temperature has fallen below setting levels. Heater is warming up the aquarium.