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SUNSUN HRG-1000 Aquarium (100cm) - Tank Only (Black / White)

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$460.00 - $460.00
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Color: Black

***Please note that in order for the pump to function properly, the water level must be above the pump's mininum water level indicator.


Aquarium includes

Fish tank model : HRG-1000B

Aquarium size : 1000 x 360 x 640mm (L x W x H)
Colour : Black / White

Volume : 191 Litre
LED Lamp :  14W (Slight Red)
Water pump :  24W (650 L/H)

Warranty : 6 month

Top Filteration System (2 Chamber)

WRGB LED Color (Slight Red Combination)

Water Pump Spare Part Available


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