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SUNSUN HRG-300/380/500 Aquarium - Tank Only (Black)



  • Available in Black only,
  • Come with internal LED lights , integrated pump and filter system
  • Ventilation slits prevents heat build up in the aquarium, allows for better air flow & exchange.
  • LED light is bright and is able to support plant growth.
  • LED light is slightly purplish with green, blue and white LEDs.
  • Compact and excellent tank for desktops / table tops


Please note that misuse may result in damages, and voiding of warranty,

  • Please note that in order for the pump to function properly, the water level must be above the pump's minimum water level indicator.¬†
  • Please fit the respective tank models to the cabinets. Otherwise, damages to the cabinet or tank may occur.¬†


Specifications (HRG-300 / HRG-380 / HRG-500),

HRG300 (Black Tank Only)
Dimensions : 290 X 200 X 320
Voltage : 220V
LED Wattage : 2.5 Watts
Aquarium Capacity : 7L

HRG380 (Black Tank Only)
Dimensions : 380 X 260 X 400
Voltage : 220V
LED Wattage : 5.5 Watts
Aquarium Capacity : 19L

HRG500 (Black Tank Only)
Dimensions : 500 X 300 X 450
Voltage : 220V
LED Wattage : 7 Watts
Aquarium Capacity : 29L


Fish Tank, Aquarium, HRG 300, HRG 380, HRG 500