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SUNSUN HRX-300/380 Aquarium set

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  • Highlight energy-saving LED lights
  • 2 Light modes available, White led  / Running Colors led
  • High clarity glass providing visual enjoyment
  • Gradient lights makes the scenery more colorful!


Please note that misuse may result in damages, and voiding of warranty,

  • Please note that in order for the pump to function properly, the water level must be above the pump's minimum water level indicator. 
  • Please fit the respective tank models to the cabinets. Otherwise, damages to the cabinet or tank may occur. 


Specifications (HRX-300 / HRX-380),

Dimensions (LxWxH): 290 x 200 x 305
Voltage : 220V
LED Power Rating : 4.5 W
Aquarium Capacity : 13L
Pump Power Rating : 2.5W
Dimensions (LxWxH): 380 x 260 x 395
Voltage : 220V
LED Power Rating : 8W
Aquarium Capacity : 28
Pump Power Rating : 2.5W


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