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SUNSUN JQP Internal Filter (500 - 2500 L/Hr)


East Ocean Aquatic is the official distributor for SunSun.
Get your SunSun products from us for an assurance and peace of mind!

Multi purpose water pump with filter sponge. Strong flow and high water lift.
Thick plastic filter compartment with unique locking system.
Unique 2 compartment filter design to allow placement of filtration media or carbon easily.
Comes with flow direction controller.
Pump must be used fully submersible in water. 
Good for aquarium, pond.

Model JQP-500F
Flow Rate 500L/Hr
Power 5W
Max Lift Height 0.9
Hose Adaptor 12mm
Cable Length 1.5M
Filter Compartments 2
Dimensions 65x51x215mm

Model JQP-1000F
Flow Rate 1000L/Hr
Power 14W
Max Lift Height 1.4
Hose Adaptor 16mm
Cable Length 1.5M
Filter Compartments 3
Dimensions 76x60x288mm

Model JQP-2500F
Flow Rate 2500L/Hr
Power 35W
Max Lift Height 2.4
Hose Adaptor 20mm
Cable Length 1.8M
Filter Compartments 3
Dimensions 96x75x380mm