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TCulture Echinodorus Horizontalis Mini

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Echinodorus Horizontalis Mini is more commonly traded amongst planted aquarium tank enthusiasts. Echinodorus Horizontalis Mini features a soft green hue with rounded leaves. New growth displays a brownish-pink tone and later matures into the same green color. This aquatic sword plant is on the smaller side of the Echinodorus family and is suitable for smaller sized planted aquarium tanks. Like all aquatic sword species, Echinodorus Horizontalis Mini is easy to keep, fairly hardy and needs a minimum of a nutrient-rich aquarium substrate as these species of aquatic plant are heavy root feeders.

Aside from this, Echinodorus species are fairly tolerable of varying water parameters and lighting conditions. While this little aquatic sword grows more compact, it is still a larger aquatic plant in general and should be pruned periodically to ensure smaller aquatic plants are not shaded from the light provided. Propagation is simple. Separate and replant.