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TCulture Ophiopogon pusillus

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O. japonicus is frequently offered as aquarium plant in zoo shops, however, it is not suitable for submersed cultivation. When planted into a tank, it may survive for months due to its exceptional robustness, however, sooner or later it will die off and rot away.
Mondo grass, however, is highly suitable as slow-growing, robust terrarium plant in normally moist (not wet) soil.

In protected outdoor areas or in regions with mild winters it is sufficiently hardy in Central Europe, and its high shade tolerance makes it a great plant e.g. for city house patios. Fresh soils rich in humus are recommendable, but short dry periods are tolerated by this deep-rooting plant.

During the warm season, mondo grass grows short flower stalks with small whiteish or blueish flowers, from which dark blue berries develop. On the rhizomes, daughter plants develop, which can be cut off and re-planted in the ground or in pots. Mondo grass also grows long subsoil runners.