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TCulture Polygonum sao paulo

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One of the most beautifully coloured aquarium plants. This aquatic knotweed from Brazil probably belongs to Persicaria hydropiperoides that occurs from North to South America, but its species identity has not been confirmed yet. Under good lights and with an ample nutrient supply, Persicaria sp. "Sao Paulo" assumes intensive magenta tones when cultivated under water. The stems have a strictly upright growth habit. If you don't trim it the plant will grow out of the water and start to flower. The emersed foliage is rather medium to dark green.
In trade, you usually get Persicaria sp. 'Kawagoeanum' under this name, however, we are proud to offer you the true, much more intensively coloured Persicaria sp. "Sao Paulo".

As well as all Persicarias, this plant has a relatively high demand for macro- and micronutrients that are also taken up from the substrate. CO2 addition is recommendable. Rather strong lighting enhances its striking coloration. Its shoots are best planted in a group with a bit of space to each other. As well as other stem plants, it is propagated by cuttings.

This strikingly coloured stem plant is most effective when planted as a loose free-standing group in the midground. It. contrasts well with light green plants. Persicaria sp. "Sao Paulo" is also interesting as emersed plant for open aquariums, paludariums and Wabi-Kusa.