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TCulture Bacopa Caroliniana (Pot)

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Bacopa caroliniana has been around in the hobby for many years. Its origins lie in the southeast of the USA, where it is found in marshes, submersed as well as emersed. Several forms of this species are in cultivation, among others a smaller-leaved form and a variegated form. The latter is not too different from the standard form, though. One of the most striking characteristics of this plant is the lemon scent the leaves emit when crushed. The basis of the ovate leaves encloses the stem entirely.

This stem plant doesn't grow very fast, but needs lots and lots of light, at least 0.5 watts per litre. It grows slightly better when fertilised with micro and macronutrients, this is relatively unimportant, though, as well as a fertilisation with CO2. (read more)

Synonyms Bacopa amplexicaulis (Pursh) Wettst., Herpestis amplexicaulis (Michx.) Pursh, Hydrotrida caroliniana (Walter) Small, Obolaria caroliniana Walter
Complete botanical name Bacópa caroliniána (Walter) B.L.Rob.
Family Plantaginaceae
Genus Bacopa
Difficulty easy
Usage Background, Midground, Street (Dutch style)
Height 20 - 60cm
Width 3 - 6cm
Growth medium
pH value 5 - 7
Temperature tolerance 4 - 29°C
Carbonate hardness 2 - 18°dKH
General hardness 0 - 30°dGH
Propagation Cuttings
Can grow emersed? yes