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TCulture Echinodorus Devil Eye

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Family - Alismataceae.
The smooth green leaves in the shape of a rounded nose pumps have a 5 veins on young leaves are bright red in color, for a time, however, pales. A distinctly dark brown edge of the sheet. The outer side of the sheet is covered with dark brown mesh. Colouring veins and edges of the sheet are also stored in the older leaves. However, the aging of the red color of weakening.
Dimensions Echinodorus largely depend on the conditions and parameters of the aquarium lighting and water. Reproduction basal, daughter layering or mustache, which first formed white flowers, and in a short time and the "kids" who after the 3-5 leaf can be cut and planted in the ground.

The family: Echinodorus.
Size: 15 to 25 cm
Temperature: 18-28 ° C
Water parameters: gH 1-20, pH 5-7.5.
Lighting: 0.5 W / l.
The complexity: easy.