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TCulture Echinodorus Fancy Twist

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'Fancy Twist' is an attractive swordplant cultivar that was bred either in India or South Africa, depending on the information source. It is described as a plant that gets 20 to 40 cm tall and grows slow to moderately fast. In its underwater form, it displays a broad colour range from light green to blood red. Its younger leaves have a red-brown spot pattern. As well as virtually all Echinodorus, it is mostly delivered in its terrestrial (emersed) form with rather green foliage. Planted into the aquarium, its colourful submerged leaves will appear.

Echinodorus 'Fancy Twist' is undemanding, but as well as all swordplants, it prefers a nutrient-rich bottom and at least moderate light intensity. Good lighting promotes the red tones of the leaves. The temperatures should lie between 20 and 30 °C. CO2 addition promotes its growth but is not always necessary.

With its moderate height, Echinodorus 'Fancy Twist' looks well as a solitary plant or small, loose group in the midground of aquariums. In smaller tanks it is better placed in the background.