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TCulture Echinodorus Gabrieli

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This unusual swortplant has an especially low, compact growth habit. It was originally described as a species by Karel Rataj in 1990 (Echinodorus gabrielii). Some years ago Samuli Lehtonen identified it as a hybrid by DNA analysis. The plant has medium green, coarse leaves. It gets up to 35 cm high in its terrestrial (emersed) form but stays considerably smaller as submerged plant (5-20 cm), with 5 to 8 cm long leaf blades. It grows slowly.

As well as all sword plants, Echinodorus × gabrielii benefits much from macro- and micronutrient supply via the bottom. CO2 addition is not always necessary but enhances its growth. This Echinodorus is especially light-demanding; rather strong lighting and an open place are recommendable.

In contrast to the many red and spotted Echinodorus cultivars, Gabriel's swordplant has a modest appearance, resembling a wild type. It is interesting for the aquascaping as single plant or small group in the midground to foreground, also combined with ground-covering plants. With its small size, this Echindororus is also suited as a solitary plant in nano aquariums.