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TCulture Echinodorus Red Chamaleon

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Growth height - 30 cm Origin country Zuchtform
Usage Aquascaping, Barschaquarium Type Rosettenpflanze
Family Alismataceae Species Echinodorus
Breeding Ausläuferpflanzen am Blütenstiel Growth speed mittel
pH 5 - 8 Water hardness 0 - 18 °dh

Somewhat smaller than the variety E. 'Green Chameleon', the new variety Echinodorus 'Red Chameleon' stays at a height of around 30 cm. Even in an emersed state, the leaf blades have a red colouring, however the true beauty only becomes fully apparent in the aquarium. Under strong lighting its growth is compact and the central leaves develop a strong deep red colour. Nutrient-rich substrate, regular liquid fertilisation and adequate CO2 guarantee strong growth.