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TCulture Hedyotis Salzmannii (Ceramic Ring)

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Hedyotis salzmannii, also known as Oldenlandia salzmannii, is a delicate, light green stem plant from the southern part of South America. It belongs to the Rubiaceae family as well as the coffee tree and bedstraw species. Its natural habitats are waters and wet bottom where it grows above and below water. It was introduced as aquarium plant in the 1990s, but in recent years nurseries sell Bacopa monnieri "Compact" under that name while H. salzmannii almost vanished from the aquarium hobby. However, we offer the true, rareis Hedyotis salzmannii!
In its emersed stage it forms creeping mats with little white to light purple flowers while it grows upright as submerged plant. The stems are thin with horizontally arranged leaves that are somewhat longer than one centimeter.

Salzmann's mille graines is not demanding and grows relatively fast. It gets along with medium lighthing and moderate carbonate hardness. CO2 supply is not absolutely necessary but enhances the growth, as for all aquarium plants. Lower temperatures up to 25 °C are beneficial, this plant also tolerates cold water well under 20 °C. It is easily propagated by cuttings. Sometimes shoot tips detach themselves and float around in the aquarium what is apparently normal for this plant.

Hedyotis salzmannii looks best as a larger, up to 30 cm high group. It contrasts well with red and dark green plants with its light green tone. Salzmann's mille graines should alse be interesting as emersed plant for paludariums and Wabi-Kusa.