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Tropica Anubias gracilis in Pot

by Tropica
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  • Western Africa is home to several species of Anubias, including this one.
  • The triangular leaves of 5-10 cm on long leaf-stems make Anubias gracilis one of the most elegant. It is hardy and tolerant, a very good beginner’s plant.
  • The plant can grow on rock or wood or planted on the bottom.
  • If planted in the bottom, the rhizome, from which leaves and roots appear, must not be covered. If it is, the whole plant will rot and die.
  • Anubias gracilis can be allowed to grow out of the water, but will attain a significant size this way.


Type: Rhizomatous
Origin: Africa
Growth rate:
Height: 10 - 20+
Light demand:
CO2 :