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Tropica Cryptocoryne Parva 1 review

by Tropica
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  • Cryptocoryne parva fromac Sri Lanka is the smallest of all Cryptocorynes (only 3-6 cm tall and a roset less than 5-8 cm wide).
  • It is one of the few species that does not significantly change its leaf shape and colour depending on cultivation conditions.
  • It needs more light than most other Cryptocorynes because it almost loses its leaf plate under water. So, it must never be overshadowed by other plants.
  • Known for its slow growth, but Nutrition Capsules in the bottom layer will enhance the development.
  • Individual plants should be planted a few centimetres apart, and after about six months they will form a cohesive low group of plants.
  • Very recommendable foreground plant.


Type: Rosulate
Origin: Asia
Growth rate:
Height: 5 - 10+
Light demand: Medium
CO2 :

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Singapore Singapore

good item was out of water when bought, not sure was it emersed or submersed but i had no issues converting to submerse. no melting at all.

East Ocean Aquatic Tropica Cryptocoryne parva in Pot Review