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Tropica Cryptocoryne Spiralis 'Red'

by Tropica
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Cryptocoryne spiralis 'Red' is one of many varieties of Cryptocoryne spiralis, commonly found in India. In the aquarium, this plant can grow to over 50 cm in height. The narrow, upright leaves are 1-1.5 cm wide with softly waved edges and sometimes a less visible green mid-stripe, depending on the conditions in the aquarium. Cryptocoryne spiralis 'Red' is not difficult to grow, but it requires good light and nutrition to reach its full potential.


Plant info

Type: Rosulate
Origin: Asia
Country or continent where a plant is the most common. Cultivars arise or are bred in cultivation.
Growth rate: Medium
Growth rate of the plant compared to other aquatic plants.
Height: 20 - 30+
Average height (cm) of the plant after two months in the tank.
Light demand: Medium
The average or medium light demand of an aquarium plant is 0,5 W/L.
CO2 : Medium
A medium need in CO2 is 6-14 mg/L. A high demand in CO2 is approx. 15-25 mg/L.